Careers with a Web Design Degree

There are few careers that can be as easily gotten into as a career in web design. Those with skills in the marketplace can readily find job options, but those who back up their skills with a degree or technical certificate are in high demand. Creating your own website is like playing piano with your own tune. If you are thinking of going pro, or considering developing your knowledge base for a career in web design, here are some career options that might interest you.

One of the most interesting things about web design as a career is that it gives you the option of making money in ways that you never thought possible. For instance, those who enjoy writing, but don’t see themselves as starving authors can get the best of both worlds, by using their combined talents to build and maintain web pages for clients. Visual artists and graphics designers benefit from using their combined talents in the world of web design as well, by creating stunning graphics and page layouts.
Additionally web design is one of the few careers that a person can start, build and often work solely from the comfort of their own home. Many web designers chose to work just that way, by building a page to showcase their talent on the web and handling their own promotion~ what better way to submit a resume on web design than through a successful and well designed web page?
Decide what it is that interests you about web design.

Are you more interested in graphic design and writing than programming and maintenance? Then you might chose to concentrate on web page design. Web designers who chose this option often concentrate on creating a number of templates, or sample designs, which can be customized for the individual client. Some even design numerous auction style templates that are auctioned on sites like eBay (some with full rights and others with limited or one time use rights) to be reused by other ebay sellers. By including their copyright and links on these templates they get more exposure from a group of people who are already in the marketplace they need to contact.

If self promotion and hawking of your own web page design business is not for you web designers also have a plethora of regular, day job opportunities. Businesses and non profits hire web designers and page designers to do everything from page design and maintenance to content production and management. Often these jobs can be completed through telecommuting as well, as these rarely require 40 hour weeks of labor, and a successful web designer can carry several paying clients at once. Real estate agencies and car dealerships often offer the best web design job options because the content of their pages is constantly changing to reflect sales and contracts, and their websites must reflect a professional attitude.

Web designers with experience or education in core programming may want to look at options to work as a web master. Webmasters often go by other names, such as Information Architect, but often when you hear a person talk about web design this is actually what they are talking about. Corporations and ISP’s pay skilled webmasters to complete project development, programming and server maintenance. This is a highly skilled position which involves a great deal of work that some consider tedious and dull (programming, debugging and database management) but also a rewarding career when it all comes together.